I currently work with at least a hundred clients each month and everything goes very smoothly in only four easy steps.

1. Check Out These Information Articles As Needed

How To Prepare Your Songs For MASTERING

How To Prepare Your Songs For MIXING


2. Upload Your Music
Note - Please try to keep things consistent.  Example, if you use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your song submission, don't pay using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you do, I won't know who paid unless you tell me.  Thanks!



3. Email Me
If you didn't send me a message in the widget above, send any information I should know about your project.


4. Make Your 50% Down Payment
If you haven't already you can find my mastering prices here.  The balance is due after you review all the previews and approve my work.



You will get an initial preview in 1-2 days.  All projects are finished within a total of 3-5 days.  24-hour rush is available for an extra $10 per song (mastering only).


Make a CD of your songs and listen to them on familiar music players
(car stereo, iPod, etc.)  Notes any preference adjustments (like a little more or less bass, brightness, etc).  Note - Usually, not many adjustments are needed.

Email me any adjustments you would like, or upload a corrected file if you're changing your mix.  Note - Your first two sets of adjustments are free. After that, it's only $5 per adjustment set per song.  95% of my clients never pay anything extra.

I will keep all of your work on file for one year, just in case you need to make any changes to the project in the future.  If you do not want your project retained, let me know and I'll remove it from my system one week after the project is finished.

Note: All emails, songs, and personal information submitted are 100% confidential.
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