Las Vegas - Online Mixing and Mastering by JR Mastering

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Hello!  My name is John Rogers, professional mixing and mastering engineer.  I opened JR mastering studio in 1999, right off the beautiful Las Vegas strip, NV.   I’m the only engineer here.  You work one-on-one with me, not an intern who just started mastering a few months ago. 

Since 1999, I've worked with over 8,000 satisfied clients (that's 6-8 per week) in every genre and style of music.  I’ve worked with several Billboard #1 and Top 10 artists in Europe and the United states, along with Grammy award winners and nominees, major labels, indie labels, and of course home studio projects.  Also, many EDM tracks I’ve mastered are played by DJs all around the world, and movie soundtracks that have been played in several TV shows.  I’ve also edited and mastered several audio books to ACX standards, and podcasts.  

Regardless of “client status,” I give EVERYONE from home studios to major labels the EXACT SAME professional service.  I have a lot of experience and can’t wait to bring your project to life, giving it the attention it deserves.     

I get a high percentage of first time clients new to online mixing and mastering.  I believe this is because first timers don't know what to expect, and they want to work with an experienced engineer who not only does great work, but is honest and easy to work with at an affordable price.  This is what you get when you work with me.     

I'm also the author of the best selling audio mastering book for 2021-2019 on Amazon.com, Audio Mastering Secrets. 

Mixing & mastering is my life and I have the knowledge, experience, and gear to make your project shine.  If you need a project mixed or mastered, I will treat your project as if it were my own, using all of the techniques I've learned and developed over the past 21 plus years.  I will do a great job for you!

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