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JR mastering is a professional online music mastering service located in Las Vegas, NV.  Open since 1999, owner John Rogers has now mastered over 40,000 songs for over 7,500 highly satisfied clients.  John will personally work with you and your project, treating it as if it were his own, which will get you the best online mastering results possible!  Isn’t that your goal?

John uses top of the line hardware and software from SSL, Manley, Eventide, UA, and Waves.  But it's not just about the equipment.  More importantly, John's mastering service is about doing what it takes get you the results your music deserves.  

JR pro track mastering studio works with hard rock, soft rock, metal, alt & punk rock, hip hop, pop dance, EDM, gospel, latin music, Christian, jazz, R&B, blues, country.  He does it all very well!  Note - Discount available on full album mastering service.


You're here because you want your music to sound the very best it can!  Let me personally help you achieve this, like I have for over 7,500 clients on over 40,000 songs!
I'm the author of the current #1 Best Selling Audio Mastering Book on Amazon!  Let me use my 18 years of experience to take your project to the next level!
I'm very excited to make your project the very best it can be!  Isn't that your goal (at any price)?

Only 50% Deposit To Start Your Project TODAY!




(Example - If You've Done 10 Songs In The Past And Have A 10 Songs CD, You Pay The $30 Per Song Rate)

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  • Only 50% down required. The rest due after you approve my work.
  • 24-hour rush service available, add $10 per song. (Sundays not included)
  • Two free revisions per song, after that it's only $5 each.
  • Full CD projects usually finished in 3-5 business days.
  • Money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.


I realize my rates may be too high for some.  I'd rather you work with me, but If you're looking for very affordable real PROFESSIONAL mastering (no automated preset mastering) check out my former employee Brett Anderson.  Only $14 a song - CheapAudioMastering.com




$40 US - $55 International

Price includes:

  • 2 Redbook Master CDs Text / ISRC Encoding & UPC Code (If Applicable)
  • Volume Levels Are Balanced From Song To Song
  • Complete Error Checking
  • First Class Shipping In A Box (Non-boxed CDs often get crushed)



Price includes:

  • Quickly Download Your DDP Image - No Waiting For Your CD To Arrive!
  • Upload Your DDP Image To Your Duplication Company's Website
  • Quickly Get Your Duplication Started And Save A Few Days Turnaround Time!

    NOTE - Get The Plastic CD Master Disks AND The DDP Image $50 ($65 International)!



I charge $5 per track/stem for mixing + $30 per song for mastering. 
Example - A 10 track song costs - 10 x $5 = $50 mixing + $30 mastering = $80 total.  
Bonus - You get 20% off the total bill for 6 or more songs.

Email Me the following (and I'll send you back a quote if you still need one):

1. Number of songs
2. Number of tracks per song (like lead vocal, bass, kick, etc.)
If you still don't get what I'm asking for, how many files per song are you sending?


Note: All emails, songs, and personal information submitted are 100% confidential.
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1. Since 1999, I've worked with over 7,500 highly satisfied clients on over 40,000 songs in every genre imaginable.  I've seen and done it all!  And "I" do all the work on every project (not an intern or auto-preset software).  Check out some of my before and after mastering samples.

2. I know how long it took to make your music, and I treat every project as if it were my very own.  I do everything I can to make it sound the very best it can.

3. I point out major mixing errors and give free mixing advice to correct it.  Regardless of who work with, if your mix isn't right, your masters won't be either.  I help you get your mix right first!  Note - 95% of the online companies will not do this.  Many of them can't!  This is one of many extras you get if you work with me.

4. I have all the top of the line hardware and software in my state of the art studio.  Everything needed to deliver AMAZING results every time!

5. I'm the easiest person you'll ever work with!  I quickly respond to all of your questions or concerns.  I'm here to help you any way I can.

6. No hidden fees.  I balance the song levels for the CD at no extra charge and allow two free adjustment sets (or remix uploads) per song.  After that, it's only $5 per song.  Note - Some companies charge the full price of mastering the song just for revisions, and purposely give you bad masters to start so you need revisions.  This is a very common trick scam done by the big companies.

7. I require only 50% down to start your project.  You pay the balance after you approve my work.  I've been in this business long enough to know my work will sound better than 90% of the online recording studios out there, regardless of what they charge.

8. Full projects are finished quickly, within 3-5 business days.  24-hour rush service also available for $10 extra per song (mastering only).  Unlike the big mastering companies who tell you a week and take a month!  Sometimes they never even get to your project at all!!


Before using automated mastering like LANDR and eMastered, or more expensive studios like Sage Audio, Mercury Mastering, Pro Track Mastering, Abbey Road Studio, or Disk Makers Mastering - give John Rogers and JR mastering a try first!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results for a fraction of the price!

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