Yes, burning your own redbook master CDs is very easy!  Here's how to make your own redbook CD masters for free!

Below are two free red book standard CD mastering burning software that includes text embedding, and have no strings attached FREE TRIALS.

CD-DA Extractor - This program is the easier of the two. Much easier. Just drag your files from the top window to the bottom window, and name the song and artist. On the next page you can name the CD and artist. This text will show up on CD players. Note: You cannot enter ISRC codes with this program.

Sony CD Architect - The main reason you would choose this program is if you need to enter ISRC codes for your songs. Also, you have more control over the start times of the songs, and if you want the pauses between songs to vary.

See - Let Me "Personally" Step-by-Step, Show YOU How To Master YOUR Music!


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