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Thanks for visiting my online mixing and mastering prices page.  You'll find my online mixing and mastering rates are very low compare to my experience level and what I offer.  Email me with your project details if you would like a free demo.

Who is John Rogers and Why Have Over 7,500 Clients Worked With Me?

#1 REASON - I'm a top mastering engineer and I personally work on your project.  If there are any problems with your mix, I will let you know exactly how to correct them.  We work together as a team, with great fast communication, to get your music to sound the very best it can!  I'm here for clients who want to work together with an honest person who cares about their music!  My name goes on every project and excellence is my goal.

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(prices shown are per song)

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Click Here - Or, Let Me "Personally" Teach You How To Master Your Own Songs!

  • Only 50% down required. The rest due after you approve my work.
  • 24-hour rush service available, add $10 per song. (Sundays not included)
  • Two free revisions per song, after that it's only $5 each.
  • Full CD projects usually finished in 3-5 business days.
  • Money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.





$40 US - $55 International

Price includes:

  • 2 Redbook Master CDs Text / ISRC Encoding & UPC Code (If Applicable)
  • Volume Levels Are Balanced From Song To Song
  • Complete Error Checking
  • First Class Shipping In A Box (Non-boxed CDs often get crushed)



Price includes:

  • Quickly Download Your DDP Image - No Waiting For Your CD To Arrive!
  • Upload Your DDP Image To Your Duplication Company's Website
  • Quickly Get Your Duplication Started And Save A Few Days Turnaround Time!

    NOTE - Get The Plastic CD Master Disks AND The DDP Image $50 ($65 International)!



Email Me the following (and I'll send you back a quote):

1. Number of songs
2. Number of tracks per song (like lead vocal, bass, kick, etc.)


1. If you still don't get what I'm asking for, how many files per song are you sending?



I currently work with at least a hundred clients each month and everything goes very smoothly in only four easy steps.

1. Check Out These Information Articles As Needed

How To Prepare Your Songs For MASTERING

How To Prepare Your Songs For MIXING


2. Upload Your Music
Note - Please try to keep things consistent.  Example, if you use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your song submission, don't pay using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you do, I won't know who paid unless you tell me.  Thanks!



3. Email Me
If you didn't send me a message in the widget above, send any information I should know about your project.


4. Make Your 50% Down Payment
If you haven't already you can find my mastering prices here.  The balance is due after you review all the previews and approve my work.



You will get an initial preview in 1-2 days.  All projects are finished within a total of 3-5 days.  24-hour rush is available for an extra $10 per song (mastering only).


Make a CD of your songs and listen to them on familiar music players
(car stereo, iPod, etc.)  Notes any preference adjustments (like a little more or less bass, brightness, etc).  Note - Usually, not many adjustments are needed.

Email me any adjustments you would like, or upload a corrected file if you're changing your mix.  Note - Your first two sets of adjustments are free. After that, it's only $5 per adjustment set per song.  95% of my clients never pay anything extra.

I will keep all of your work on file for one year, just in case you need to make any changes to the project in the future.  If you do not want your project retained, let me know and I'll remove it from my system one week after the project is finished.

Note: All emails, songs, and personal information submitted are 100% confidential.

mastering guarantee


They sound great!! Thanks for finishing so quickly!  Jaret Reddick, B.F.S Lead Singer
John "gets it" and establishes a step by step approach to his work to assure all the nuances of your project are taken into consideration.  Every project we've worked together on has been very different and John's sense of what's right on each has made a huge difference in the final product.  He's patient and very exacting in his work making this final step a pleasure. Bravo John and thanks again. John Basile
Yesterday & Tomorrow is a non-profit that works with highly talented high school students.  It's incredibly important to us to represent our kids as well as possible and John has been a big part of making that happen. Besides doing a great job mastering for us, John takes the time to make sure we understand how to make the revisions that will realize our vision and he has a reliably good ear for helping us to get the best sound possible on our project.  Yesterday & Tomorrow
Wanted to share some good news with you - USA Network must have like Funny Bone as it was selected! Contracts have been signed and it's a done deal. They have invited me to do more projects so hopefully you'll be hearing from me again in the not to distant future :)   Jim Everest
Hey John, sounds absolutely fantastic. We released a slightly different version of this song on our last album, and already had a guy who charges about 50 times your rate mix and master it once, and it's never sounded this good. Thanks for helping me get it there and for making it shine!  Chris Thomas
They sounded fantastic. And must say - so far 110% impressed with your service, John. Awesomeness.. And you're 1st on the recommended mastering list for IRIS Distribution!  Layne Fox
I have already heard some good things from a few A&R's on the tracks that you mastered for my cd. You do great work man and I commend you on the professionalism of your business.  Jaay Blayze
I think you are a genius, it sounds SOOO good. You spread the frequencies so beautifully. I am so glad to have found your service!!!  William Lankford
I listened to everything about 10x so far....First of all let me say over all I LOVE IT !!!!!! You did a GREAT, GREAT JOB!  Again I can't tell you how HAPPY I am with your work bro..I LOVE IT, and I'm here to tell you got my business and other projects and friends I produce from here on out!  Clinton Daniel
Every project I work on always goes to John! He has an awesome way of turning your track into something really great! I always suggest him to other producers. I will continue to use him on ALL my tracks, and I would recommend him for all of your projects!  Thanks John!  Jake Weatherman
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