Yes, we can remaster your songs!  My audio remastering service has remastered 1,000s of songs, bringing them to the radio quality stardards they should have had to begin with.  My song remastering service is one of the most satisfying for me because of the delight my clients display after they hear how great the new versions sound, after listening to the poor audio masters for months if not years.  Let's transform your songs this week!

remaster cd

I can remaster YOUR songs this week and you will be pleasantly suprised by the results.  It's a common service I provide.  It's usually requested for older recordings, but every now and then a client submits an album mastered by audio engineer that didn't have a clue what he was doing, and they can't get the raw mix.

Visit my new site and upload a song for a free mastering preview and hear the improvements my audio remastering service can do for your songs.  Just upload whatever you have, it's free.

remastering a song

I prefer not too remaster a mastered song, but sometimes the client has a poorly mastered version of a song, doesn't have access to the raw mix, and wants it to sound better. 
I can make any song sound "better" sometime much better, but if it's heavily compressed or distorted, the finished product isn't going to sound very good. 

In my experience, usually the mastered songs either aren't loud enough, the tone of the lows and highs is off, or the volumes are inconsistent from song to song.  Songs like this, after I remaster them the results are excellent! 

You'll never know until you let me try!  Upload a song for a free mastering preview and hear the improvement for yourself!  Just upload whatever you have, it's free.


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