Jazz Mastering - Ryan Saranich

Jazz Mastering - Ryan Saranich

 Ryan Saranich Testimonial
"I like what you did with this a lot!
I'm hearing all the things that I wanted to hear!  I love how the low end and high end both, have more clarity."
John Rogers, Big Label Sound Studio
Ryan Saranich is one of the top up-and-coming Jazz saxophonist/musicians in the United States.  He is currently attending the prestigious Berklee College Of Music on scholarship, and has performed at over 150 venues the last two years, which includes appearances in L.A., N.Y., Boston, North Carolina, Louisiana, Thailand, Denmark, Canada, and Germany, just to name a few.
When Ryan needed his CD mastered, he turned to Big Label Sound Studio!
The original songs are live recordings (not studio recordings).  I’m not going to explain in great detail what we did in the mastering process, just listen closely to the before and after samples.  Let’s just say the songs went from thin in the low end and flat, with a slight muffle; to a thick, clean, dynamic, sparkling sound.  The songs now have life!   If you ever asked the question, “What is good mastering,” listen to these before and after samples with headphones.  There’s your answer!  The songs aren’t just “louder,” they “sound better.”
We wish you continued success, Ryan!  Keep doing what you’re doing!
We offer professional mixing and mastering here at Big Label Sound Mastering Studio.  High quality work at an affordable price!  You can also receive a FREE Mastering Demo, with no obligation.
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