State Of The Art Equipment

State Of The Art Equipment

John Rogers Uses The Best Equipment In The Business, Which Includes Manley, SSL, Eventide, Waves, Etc....

1,000's Of Satisfied Clients

1,000's Of Satisfied Clients

John Works With Over 2,000 Clients, Every Year Since 1999!  Clients From All Around The World, In Every Style Of Music.  B.L.S.S. Is One The Best CD Mastering Companies In The World!...

Located In Las Vegas!

Located In Las Vegas!

Located In The "New" Entertainment Capital Of The World, Fabulous Las Vegas!  We Offer The Best Music Mastering Services Online....

Best CD Mastering, Music Mastering & Song Mixing Studio

Because we deliver professional results, making songs sound the best they can; our prices are affordable, and most of all we treat each project as if it’s our own. It’s an honor for us to work on YOUR project.  Not the other way around!
First and foremost, regardless of price, you want your music to sound the best it can with that professional radio sound.  Unlike most mastering companies, we don't just make your mix "louder," we make it sound the best it can.  This is what real music mastering is all about!

1,000's of satisfied clients love our work, and you will too.  We have cd mastering samples of "real" clients and their testimonials on our website.  Not just a few nameless samples and photos of our gear, which leaves you guessing how your results will sound.
John Rogers does the final mastering on every project, giving it the attention it deserves. He knows first hand what it's like writing, rehearsing and recording a CD for 1-2 years, and personally respects the time and work you've put into it.  It's an honor for him to work on your project, not the other way around.
We have all the top of the line gear in our studio for your project like SSL, Manley, Eventide, Universal Audio, Waves, Cubase.
Another thing clients love about our company is we point out major mixing errors, and give free advice to correct it.  Regardless of who does your music mastering, if your mix isn't right, your masters won't be either.  We help you get your mix right first!
We require only 50% down to start your project.  You pay the balance after you approve our work. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Once you get your initial demos, if you're not happy with them, we'll refund your full payment.  I've been in this business long enough to know our song mastering will sound better than 90% of the recording studios out there, regardless of what they charge.
No hidden fees.  We balance the song levels at no extra charge and allow two free adjustment sets (or remix uploads) per song.  After that it's only $5 per song.
Full CD mastering projects are finished quickly, within 3-5 business days.  24 Hour Rush Service also available for $10 extra per song (song mastering only).

More About Us

We offer cd mastering, audio mastering, music mastering, and vocal editing with pitch correction. The decisions we make during the cd mastering process are based on your genre/style of music.
Each month we mix and master several CDs in the genre of pop, rock, heavy metal, hard rock, R&B, classic rock, hip hop, royalty free music, commercial music, movie soundtracks, instrumentals, Christian, gospel, choir, dance, techno, electronic, rave, mix tapes, rap, trance, dubstep, progressive, alternative, country, celtic and jazz.

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  • Loved the demos, amazing. Soooo much better. And thanks for the incredible quickness! Normally I have something I'd like changing or for me to change and reupload a mix. Not this time! Best mastering service ever!? I think so. Many thanks.
    Graham Warner

  • Michele and I think everything else sounds fantastic!!!!! Great Job!!!!! We both listened to the songs on cd in our cars and they sounded just incredible. Thank you so much for the talent, patience and help in creating a killer finished product for us!!!!!
    JB Lamont

  • Superb! For me, that's it, done, I think the band is going to love it, as it became more loud and clear, good definition at highs and lows, I'm feeling comfortable.
    Eduardo Horta

  • I think you are a genius, it sounds SOOO good. You spread the frequencies so beautifully. I am so glad to have found your service!!!