Dance Mastering - Andra


Dance Mastering - Andra

Mihai Ristea, Producer Testimonial
"Everything sounds great!!"
John Rogers, Big Label Sound Studio
CONGRATS TO ANDRA! The song "Telephone" that we mastered, peaked at #5 on the Billboard charts in Romania, entry date Sept 18, 2011! Songwriter/producer Mihai Ristea contacted us to master his latest project featuring Romanian singer Andra.  She is currently performing all over Europe, appearing on several TV shows promoting her new hit single, “Telephone,” a song we mastered in July 2011.
The mixes on this project were very good.  Clean with good frequency balance and spacing.  We just did our thing and the masters came out great!
When mastering, sometimes we will use a “top radio hit” song as a reference to hear the current trends in radio ready music.  With this project, the mastering came out “better” than most of the radio reference tracks we use!  There was no need to reference anything.  Which proves once again, just because a major label pays $40,000 to have a song recorded, mixed and mastered, doesn’t mean it will sound great.  It depends on who does the work.  All it means is they paid $40,000 for one song!
Mihai and Andra, I wish you great success with this and future projects!  Great job!
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