Rock Mastering - Nemesis

Rock Mastering - Nemesis

Nemesis Testimonial
"I downloaded the songs yesterday night, and listened to all of them. They all sound great!"
"Great job man!! I mean it!! "
John Rogers, Big Label Sound Studio
The mixes uploaded by Nemesis were very clean and powerful.  They left good space between the instruments and frequencies ranges.  This made it a lot easier for me to get great mastering results on all of the songs.
If you're having problems with your mixes, let us know and we'll help you get them right "before" mastering.  Better mixes = better masters! 
Nemesis has been doing a lot of gigs and they're creating a nice buzz with their latest CD.  Good luck guys!!!  We wish you the very best!
We offer professional mixing and mastering here at Big Label Sound Mastering Studio.  High quality work at an affordable price!  You can also receive a FREE Mastering Demo, with no obligation.
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