Punk Rock Mastering - Bowling For Soup

Punk Rock Mastering - Bowling For Soup

 Bowling For Soup, Jaret Reddick Testimonial
"They sound great!!"
"Thanks for finishing so quickly!"
John Rogers, Big Label Sound Studio
Just this past week, when Jive recording artist/Grammy nominee, Bowling For Soup, needed their acoustic CD professionally, economically and quickly mastered for an upcoming U.K. tour, they turned to Big Label Sound Studio to do the job! Some of the songs they submitted were between 70%-80% mastered and didn't need much done to them, while a few were completely unmastered. Our job was to get every song sounding the best it could, and to maintain a consistent volume level for all 16 songs. As usual, we came through!
We offer professional mixing and mastering here at Big Label Sound Mastering Studio.  High quality work at an affordable price!  You can also receive a FREE Mastering Demo, with no obligation.
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