Mixing & CD Mastering Prices

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Song & CD Mastering Prices
We require only 50% down to start your project.  The balance is due after your project is finished and you are satisfied with my work.  100% Moneyback Guarantee On Mastering Jobs!  If you're not happy with my mastering work, you get a full refund!   
*Mastering prices are cumulative.  For example, if you've already mastered 6 songs with us in the past and are ready to master 6 more songs, you would receive the 12-15 song rate.
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  • 100% refund if you're not satisfied
  • 24 hour mastering rush service available, add $10 per song.  Sundays not included.
  • Alternate versions (radio edit, extended, etc.) with same master settings only $10 each
  • Full CD projects usually finished in 2-3 business days
  • Two free revisions per song, after that its only $5 each.
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Physical CD Master Disks
$40 US - $55 International
Price includes:
  • 2 Redbook Master CDs Text / ISRC Encoding & UPC Code (If Applicable)
  • Volume Levels Are Balanced From Song To Song
  • Complete Error Checking
  • First Class Shipping In A Box (Non-boxed CDs often get crushed)


DDP Image
Price includes:
  • Quickly Download Your DDP Image - No Waiting For Your CD To Arrive!
  • Upload Your DDP Image To Your Duplication Companies Website
  • Quickly Get Your Duplication Started And Save A Few Days Turnaround Time!


NOTE - Get The Physical CD Master Disks AND The DDP Image $50 ($65 International)!



Mixing & Stem Mastering Prices
Prices shown below are PER SONG and are based on the number of channels each song has.
See This Article If You Don't Know - What Is A Channel?
Example - 7-15 Channels for $100 is for ONE song.  NOT, 7-15 songs mastered for $100.  That's only $7 per song for 15 songs!
If you have 6 or more songs, you get a slightly lower rate.
mixing prices 2
Note - There's a 50% non-refundable labor fee on all mixing and stem mastering jobs.
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