State Of The Art Equipment

State Of The Art Equipment

John Rogers Uses The Best Equipment In The Business, Which Includes Manley, SSL, Eventide, Waves, Etc....

1,000's Of Satisfied Clients

1,000's Of Satisfied Clients

John Works With Over 2,000 Clients, Every Year Since 1999!  Clients From All Around The World, In Every Style Of Music.  B.L.S.S. Is One The Best CD Mastering Companies In The World!...

Located In Las Vegas!

Located In Las Vegas!

Located In The "New" Entertainment Capital Of The World, Fabulous Las Vegas!  We Offer The Best Music Mastering Services Online....

Client Before & After Samples

Below are a few mastering samples from the tens of thousands of clients we've worked with since 1999. 
We work with all genre of music every month.  If you don't see yours up here, rest assured we've done a fantastic job on it for many clients.  Upload your song for a free mastering demo.
Be sure to read some of our testimonials along the right column of this page.  It will give you an idea of what Big Label Sound Studio is all about!

Mixing & Mastering Client List

Here's a small portion of the 2,000+ clients we've worked with just over past two years.
We master ALL styles of music.  Let us work on your project in 2013 and make it sound the very best it can! 
Want a free mastering demo of your song to hear how it will sound?
  • Bowling For Soup (Pop Punk) - Grammy Nominee, MTV Hit Video
  • Smiley (Pop) - Multiple European Billboard #1 Songs In 2012, MTV Euro Hit Videos
  • 1 Sick Unit (Hard Rock)
  • MTV - Soundtracks For The Real World In 2011 & 2012
  • Andra (Pop) - Multiple European Billboard Top 10 Songs In 2012, MTV Euro Hit Videos
  • Don Dotta (Hip Hop)
  • Mary J. Blige (R&B) - Multiple Grammy Winner, Multiple #1 Songs
  • Ben Wood & The Bad Ideas (Rock)
  • Sir Charles Jones (Blues) - Billboard Blues Multiple Top 15 Songs, American Blues Network Multiple Entertainer & Album Of The Year
  • The Flying Dogs of Jupiter (Classic Rock)
  • Dionne Warwick (AC, R&B) - Multiple Grammy Winner, Multiple #1 Songs
  • Jovanni Pharr (Hip Hop)
  • Western Starlanders (Country)
  • Funky Guitar (Acoustic)
  • Metrognome (Progressive Rock)
  • NYLS (Pop, Dance, Club)
  • Annie Christian (Spoken Word)
  • Bantam Feather (Hard Rock)
  • Tethered Band (Pop, Rock)
  • The Kill (Rock, Rap)
  • Mihai Ristea (Pop)
  • Andrey Piryevec (Ambient Funk Jazz)
  • Ryan Saranich (Jazz, Saxaphone) - World Renowned Saxophonist
  • PBS - Documentary Soundtracks
  • Carl "Safe Sax" Ferris (Pop, Saxaphone) - Amazing Las Vegas Fremont Street Performer
  • Geir Solerød (Acoustic)
  • Colier Mcnair (Inspirational, Soul)
  • League Legends (Hip Hop)
  • Chas (Rock, Americana)
  • Modern Insurgency (Rock)
  • Miss Mary (Pop, Dance) - MTV Euro Video
  • Good Sir Con Artist (Alternative Rock)
  • Nemesis (Hard Rock)
  • The Christian Boys (Christian, Pop)
  • Fleenor & Reap (Country)
  • Shanna Hoar (Pop)
  • Maybe Means Yes (Alternative)
  • E.D. Smooth (Hip Hop)
  • Jamita (Pop, Dance)
  • Clinton Daniel (R&B)
  • Kevin Daniel & The Encounter (Christian, Gospel)
  • DJ Any (Trance)
  • Marbeya (Electronic)
  • DJ Nita (Club, House)
  • Ava Lemert (Jazz, Saxaphone)
  • Jaay Blaze (R&B)
  • The Guest List Band (Punk)
  • Datasha (Bellydancer)
  • Katrise (R&B, Pop)
  • DICE (Rap)
  • Jason Cooper (Gospel)
  • Don Juan Music (Hip Hop)
  • SIXX (Rap)
  • SLR (Instrumental Rock)
  • MC Yodee (Christian)
  • Catalyst (Rap)
  • Tanya Ross (R&B)
  • Bombay (Rap)
  • John Basile (Jazz)
  • Etare Neged (Gothic Hip Hop, EPIC Hip Hop)
  • Gravity Control (Rock)
  • Graeme & Victoria Sweet (Christian)
  • Andréa Nebel (Gothic, Alternative)
  • Steve Sevek (Country)
  • NAO (Spanish Pop, Rock)
  • Keith Harrison (Pop)
  • Daz Grease (Pop, Dance)
  • David Harvey (Singer/Songwriter)
  • Coco Lypso (Reggae)
  • The Honest Mistake Band (Rock)
  • George Martinez (Rock)
  • Psychostarts (Pop, Alternative)
  • Johnny Dynell (Club, House)
  • Demonte Thomas (Pop, Dance)
  • Angelo Marisco (Electronica, Rock)


Satisfied Clients!


Testimonials 3

  • I have already heard some good things from a few A&R's on the tracks that you mastered for my cd. You do great work man and I commend you on the professionalism of your business.
    Jaay Blayze

  • You can go ahead and master the album. I wanna thank you for your help and going over everything with me you don't know how much I appreciate it. I've had a few projects mastered, but none compare to your service! As far as customer service, patience and punctuality you have been A1 and I appreciate it. In the future any projects I do I will be coming straight to you. Thanks.
    Erick Brazile

  • Finally gave the tape a bunch of listens on several different sound systems- It sounds GREAT! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Admittedly, we were skeptical and nervous about sending our hard work across the country to someone we don't know, but the quality of your work, professionalism and customer service exceeded all expectations! We look forward to working with you in the future and hope to find some success with this mixtape!

  • Thank you John Rogers....Your work has made me smile very hard!!!You have truly taken my project to the next level..... I do appreciate your compliment on my project. I just hope it touches the world. Thank you again. I will definitely be using you in the future and telling others about you.
    Tanya Ross

  • I am coming back with my other member's band comments... WE ALL LOVED YOUR WORK ! It's really a good job and it sounds really professional.
    Mass F.

  • I don't now how you do it, but you are amazing. You are so dead on with your instincts and skills. I'm gonna drop $36 into your PayPal account. Keep the extra $30 as a tip. Go have a beer on me. An EXPENSIVE one! Wow, you have just blown me away with your work. I'm coming to you every single time, man. You are the tops. Give me a call anytime you need anything, and if I can help, I will. And when we gear up for our next CD, I'll give you a shout. Thanks again, man. You're just awesome.

  • That is very kind of you to give me such detailed notes on ways I can improve future mixes and recordings.... I've been reading up on your mixing tips articles, and they are very informative, but having something thats personalized feedback on my mixes is beyond fantastic! I really want to thank you, John, again for everything, all the tips, all your time and work, you've got loyal clients here, I will certainly continue to always bring my business your way...
    Aaron "Hopelyss" Frankel - THE GUEST LIST BAND

  • That one is just about perfect. Amazing time on response, by the way. Very impressive.
    Abe Stewart

  • I have a feeling that having this little mastering clip will help me a lot in actually hearing what needs to be done to the original mix. Thank you so much. Personally, I'm sold. I know you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear so what you've done with it is top notch & your feedback is priceless. I'll be in touch with you after I chat with my bandmates.
    Jacob H.

  • Thank you so much! I dig it and am ready to call it a finished product. You've helped me turn a small basement project into something that sounds bigger than I'd ever thought I was capable of having, and I'm very grateful for it. I'll be recommending you to all of my friends.
    Rich Astudillo

  • Thank you John. I really appreciate your professionalism and honesty. So far they sound great, great, great. I'm very happy. I'll listen back to them as you suggest, but so far they sound perfect. It's definitely been pleasure working with you and I'll absolutely be in touch for anything else / referring others. Thanks so much John!
    Xavier Aimes

  • I just wanted to write and say thank you again for all of your hard work. You added a fullness that the music lacked, and were excellent on the business-end. It's a record release for me, so things have been obviously pretty crazy. Thanks for understanding and doing so well.
    Griffen A.

  • They sounded fantastic. And must say - so far 110% impressed with your service, John. Awesomeness.. And you're 1st on the recommended mastering list for IRIS Distribution!
    Layne Fox

  • "Everything honestly sounds good. We knew you would spice everything up. Thank you!"
    Jovonni Pharr

  • Thank you so much, I am very pleased with the finished product. My artist Don Juan is also very satisfied with his first album and wanted me to thank you on his behalf. We are both looking forward to working with you and Big Label Sound Studio on future projects. I greatly appreciate your good work and professionalism.
    Michelle U.

  • "They sound great!! Thanks for finishing so quickly!"
    Jaret Reddick, B.F.S Lead Singer

  • "Again I can't tell you how HAPPY I am with your work bro..I LOVE IT, and I'm here to tell you got my business and other projects and friends I produce from here on out!"
    Clinton Daniel

  • I've listened to the songs a lot and I still think they sound absolutely amazing! Everything sounds outstanding and I am completely happy with the songs! It was a pleasure working with you as well man, the songs kick ass!! Thanks a ton.

  • "I listened to everything about 10x so far....First of all let me say over all I LOVE IT !!!!!! You and your team did a GREAT, GREAT JOB!"
    Clinton Daniel

  • "I just listened to it on my studio monitors and stereo system. All I can say is W O W!!!! I even compared it with some of my other favorite major artist's CDs and all I can say is I'm sold. Where do I sign?"