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Hear what Big Label Sound Studio music mastering can do for your music for FREE!  

Upload a song for a no-strings-attached online free mastering demo.  (Upload only ONE file.  More than one file is mixing!) 

Hello, my name is John Rogers, professional sound engineer.  I've worked with several Grammy award winners and mastered several billboard chart topping songs.   I've also mastered songs played in major dance clubs all-around-the-world and hundreds of movie and commercial soundtracks.  I know "how" to get your music to sound the very best it can and I "get it there!"

1. If you would like a FREE 2:30 song mastering preview, we ask that you first read our COMMON MIXING MISTAKES page.
2. 1/3 of the files submitted cannot be mastered by anyone.  YOUR FILES SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE THE PHOTOS BELOW!  If they do, don't upload them.  Please read this page - HEADROOM FOR MASTERING.
3. Please CREATE AN ACCOUNT (An upload box will appear once your account is created).  

4. EMAIL US and let us know:

A. Basic details about your project (total number of songs, etc.)
B. Any special requests?  What are you looking for in mastering?  We recommend uploading a song reference.

Your master will be uploaded within 48 hours, and you will be emailed when it's ready!  Have a great week!
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