Electronic Mastering - Marbeya

Electronic Mastering - Marbeya

Marbeya Testimonial
"They sound fantastic. And I must say - so far 110% impressed with your service.  Awesomeness..
You're 1st on the recommended mastering list for IRIS!"
John Rogers, Big Label Sound Studio
Iris Distribution is a music distribution and marketing firm based in San Francisco, CA and New York City.  We began a business relationship with them over a year ago and have since worked on several of their projects, one of them being Marbeya.
We do quite a bit of music in this genre.  Marbeya’s music is a good example of great arranging.  It’s a work of art, with changing melodies and a variety of different instrumentation throughout the entire song.  At certain points of the song, three different melodies are playing at the same time and they blend together perfectly.  Not to mention the great use of the stereo field, with subtle synth parts coming in and echoing left and right.
Our mastering brought these songs to life!  Listen using headphones and notice that we didn’t add anything drastic, other than add more punch to the bass, but what we did do was make the elements in the song sound better.  Our phase correction made everything clearer with some sparkle.  You can now “hear” the echoes and FX better.
Thanks, IRIS Distribution and Marbeya for allowing us to be a part of you music!  We wish you continued success!
We offer professional mixing and mastering here at Big Label Sound Mastering Studio.  High quality work at an affordable price!  You can also receive a FREE Mastering Demo, with no obligation.
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